Pusat Penyelidikan & Pengembangan Islam Borneo (PPIB)

This centre, inspired by the Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak, was expressed during the foundation stone laying ceremony in the mosque of UiTM Sarawak on 11 February 2006. History has shown that the Muslims play an important role in the development of civilization on the island of Borneo. Borneo is unique because it is inhabited by various ethnics with different religious ideologies; however, the Muslims are the most populous group. The existing Islamic government in Borneo has been influenced by the governments of Malaysia (specifically Sarawak), Brunei, Sambas, Kalaka, Yogyakarta and Balikpapan.


Therefore, the focus on the development of Islam in Borneo by this centre is needed as it serves as a place to study, collect and deliver information for the community. The centre works closely with universities and government agencies in Brunei and Indonesia on subjects related to Islamic matters.



  • To create a central reference for the development of Islam in Borneo
  • To conduct research and publications on Islam and Muslims in Borneo in a variety of disciplines
  • To create a network between Sarawak and the provinces in Kalimantan, Sabah and Brunei through joint ventures in conferences and research projects


Hadenan Towpek (Dr)
Head of PPIB, UiTM Sarawak
Tel : +6082 678386
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.