Master's By Research

Available Master Programme by research in UiTM Sarawak are:

  • Master of Accountancy (AC 750)
  • Master of Administrative Science (AM 750)
  • Master of Science (Education) (ED 750)
  • Master of Applied Sciences (AS750)
  • Master of Science in Business Management (BM750)
  • Master of Science in (Computer Science) (CS750)
  • Masters in Contemporary Islamic Studies (IC780)
  • Master in Applied Language Studies (LG750)
  • Master in Science (Agrotechnology & Plantation) (AT750)
  • Master in Science (Chemistry) (AS756)
  • Master of Science (Civil Engineering) (EC750)
  • Master of Science (Built Environment) (AP781)


Entry Requirements

1. A Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) from UiTM or any institution of higher learning recognized by the UiTM Senate;
2. Other qualification equivalent to a first degree recognized by the UiTM Senate in a relevant field with relevant experience.


Mode And Duration

Full time / Part time : Minimum : 2 semesters. Maximum : 8 semesters