Degree by Research

Candidates pursuing programmes by research are supervised by a principal supervisor appointed by the Institute of Graduate Studies, Shah Alam. At the end of the program, candidates are required to submit a written thesis for examination. Candidates may be required to pursue pre-requisite courses before undertaking their research. These courses are determined by the Institute of Graduate Studies in Shah Alam, in collaboration with the respective faculties.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting (AC 950)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (BM 950)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education (ED 950)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Science (AS950)
  • Doctor of Contemporary Islamic Studies (IC990)


Master of Science (MSc)

  • Master of Accountancy (AC 750)
  • Master of Administrative Science (AM 750)
  • Master of Science (Education) (ED 750)
  • Master of Applied Sciences (AS750)
  • Master of Science in Business Management (BM750)
  • Master of Science in (Computer Science) (CS750)
  • Masters in Contemporary Islamic Studies (IC780)
  • Master in Applied Language Studies (LG750)
  • Master in Science (Agrotechnology & Plantation) (AT750)
  • Master in Science (Chemistry) (AS756)
  • Master of Science (Civil Engineering) (EC750)
  • Master of Science (Built Environment) (AP781)