UiTM Sarawak, Samarahan 2 Campus

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Sarawak permanent campus is located in Kota Samarahan, a developing area,  known better as the ‘knowledge hub’. It is among the earliest public higher learning  institutions established in Sarawak. UiTM Sarawak began its historical chapter when its first campus began operating on 1 July 1973 at Batu Lintang and it faced several relocations, Semenggok (1987), Semariang (1991) and finally settled in Samarahan in 1997. The Mukah Campus on the other hand, started its operation in 2002.


Quality, is always a fundamental issue for UiTM Sarawak. To date, UiTM Sarawak has received various awards from different levels such as states as well as national. Apart from that, UiTM Sarawak also works hand-in-hand with the local government as to ensure all programmes offered in UiTM Sarawak fulfill the needs for long term development of the government especially the development of the Sarawak’s economy corridor, SCORE. Besides, UiTM Sarawak also offers training and development programmes, research and development and also consultancy services to both state level’s public and private sectors. The Samarahan second campus which will be fully operated on 1 October 2013 is developed based on Private Funding Initiative. Rekajaya Projek Sdn. Bhd., who is chosen to be the concession company is responsible for the building’s design, build, complete and certify the campus including a maintenance period of 20 years.


357 hectares (883 acres) of land has been earmarked for the development of Samarahan 2 Campus. However, only 36 hectares (88 acres) of the land is identified for campus development with various infrastructures.These infrastructures consist of education facilities such as administrative block, academic blocks which comprise of Faculty of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Civil Engineering;both equipped with extensive laboratories and workshops,the library,prayer rooms,student centre,hostels for male and female students,dining hall,central utility building,maintanance unit,guard post and other facilities dedicated to student studies and development. There is 4,000 student population in Samarahan 2 campus and the hostels on campus can house up to 2,000 students. Samarahan 2 campus offers various academic programmes.These programmes comprise of the existing programmes as well as newly introduced programmes such as follows: