Industrial, Community, Alumni & Network (ICAN)

This unit, formerly known as UiTM-Industry Relation Unit (UILC), Sarawak Branch, was established in line with the formation of UiTM-Industry Relations Centre in Shah Alam in mid 2003. Along with the expansion of this unit in Shah Alam in 2007, the unit has its name changed to industry, Community and Alumni Network (ICAN). Since its creation, ICAN has been conducting various activities in accordance with current equipment of the unit.


The objective of ICAN is to establish linkages, collaborations, programmes, MOUs and MOAs between UiTM Sarawak with other universities, industries and communities. This unit is also responsible in identifying the industries and departments of where our students are doing their practical attachment, as well as in tracking the UiTM graduands.



  • To compile reports on information and undergraduate diploma students who have undergone training in various sectors of the industry, both public and private, every six (6) months to ICAN Malaysia in the format requested by the Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • To prepare reports on the percentage of student participation in the training industry by identifying the number of students in all programmes each semester
  • To manage and administer the organization of various consultation exercises with outside parties
  • To initiate the collaboration with the industries and government bodies for the benefits of UiTM
  • To develop the Graduate Database of Employability for UiTM graduates
  • To build the Industrial Training Database System for various programmes in UiTM Sarawak


Serah Bt. Hj Jaya
Coordinator ICAN, UiTM Sarawak
Tel : +6082 677726
Fax : +6082 677504
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.