Unit of Quality Management

Quality Management Unit of UiTM Sarawak comprises members from both the academic and administrative units who administer, monitor and help put into practice programmes that advocate quality.


Our role includes communicating information about quality practices to all staff and students of UiTM Sarawak. We also plan award ceremonies and hold meetings to plan and recognise achievements throughout the University. We strive to create a culture of continuous quality improvement. This is practiced in a climate of trust by motivated and empowered staff who understand the University’s vision and how they contribute to it.



  • To be a model campus to all UiTM campuses and faculties throughout Malaysia.
  • To obtain recognition of quality at state and national levels.
  • To organise competitions on quality initiatives at campus level.



  • Communicating information about quality practices to all staff and students of UiTM Sarawak.
  • Planning for award ceremonies.
  • Compiling reports to compete for awards.
  • Recognising achievements of departments, units and staff of UiTM Sarawak.
  • Recommending corrective actions to the management for continuous improvement.


List of 21 sub committees

  1. KIK - Innovative and Creative Group
  2. PGAN - Customer Management
  3. 5S - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Shitsuke & Seiketsu
  4. REK - Record Management
  5. INOV - Innovation
  6. AKD(SSR) - Internal Audit/Self-review Report
  7. UKUR - Quality Measurement
  8. ISO - ISO Certification
  9. AQA - Academic Quality Assurance
  10. PROSES - Process Documentation and Improvement
  11. PGKP - Student Quality Movement Team
  12. SOSCHo - Safety, Health and Environment
  13. POPS - Strategic Planning Operations Monitoring
  14. HASIL PPJ - Research, Publication and Industry-Linkage Results
  15. E-INISIATIF - Electronic Initiatives
  16. MQA (SRP) - Malaysian Qualification Agency
  17. KEKITAAN - Employee Club & Staff Welfare. To visit KEKITA Facebook Page, please visit https://www.facebook.com/KEKITAUiTMSWK.
  18. Environment & Liveliness
  19. Best Practices & Benchmarking
  20. Risk Management
  21. Jawatankuasa Jaminan Kualiti (Akademik)



Yussri Sawani
Head of Quality Management Unit, UiTM Sarawak
Tel : +6082 677631
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.