Institute Of Leadership, Assessment & Development (ILD)

Institute Of Leadership, Assessment & Development (ILD) Sarawak which was formerly known as UKPK is formed to provide basic teaching and learning equipment and supporting services in UiTM Sarawak.


  • To enhance the lecturer's level of understanding of UiTM's educational objective, their role as lecturers and the professional ethics of academicans.
  • To improve quality in teaching and research and cultivate skills in instructional technology.
  • To develop training programmes to enhance teaching quality via e-learning.
  • To develop leadership and quality management skills among lecturers and academic administrators of UiTM Sarawak.


  • Maintain and monitor teaching and learning equipment
  • Technology Enabled Classroom (TEC) Management
  • Incharge of Organise Training Programmes for lecturers


Aiza Bt Johari
Head of ILD Unit, UiTM Sarawak
Tel : +6082 678338
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.