Strategic Planning Unit

Unit Perancangan Strategik -UPS (Strategic Planning Unit) is responsible for managing strategic planning functions across UiTM Sarawak. 

The UPS reports directly to the Rector. In par with this function, the Unit also manages the key performance indicators (KPI) for all departments and units.


Functions of UPS

§     To manage UiTM strategic planning functions, inclusive of business development units (BDU)

      performance and other income generating functions.

§     To manage UiTM, respective departments and units key performance indicators (KPI).

§     Publish report for top management / department heads to provide a snapshot of the overall performance.

§     To manage data – to create, store, use and distribute an accurate, timely, consistent and meaningful data.

§     To ensure the accessibility of real time data by all employees.

§     To laise with CSPI Shah Alam on related and relevant issues.


Access to Strategic Planning Monitoring System (SPMS)


Access to Key Performance Indicator system (KPIs)