The Sports Unit has been operating at PFI Campus Samarahan 2 beginning November 2013 comprising a Sports Officer, an Assistant Sports Officer and a Sports Assistant. The administration of the Samarahan Campus 2 Sports Unit is under the Student Affairs Division (HEP).

In addition to conducting programs and activities of students and staff, sports units also maintain, maintain and promote sports facilities. Acting as a sports promotion unit, all activities and sports calendars of UiTM Sarawak are under the responsibility of the Sports Unit. The emphasis on university sports excellence is also a key agenda. Through the collaboration between the Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation, it is hoped that the Sarawak Branch UiTM will become the Center of Excellence for Bumiputera Sport and Sarawak.

Among the sports facilities available at Samarahan Campus 2 are, football fields, tennis courts, netball courts, takraw courts and basketball courts.


  • Encouraging the campus community to be active in sports and leisure activities
  • Strengthen the relationship between UiTM community and community outside the campus
  • Providing a conductive infrastructure and quality services to customers
  • Enhancing UiTM image through sports achievement and as a center of excellence in bumiputera sports

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 Unit Sukan UITM Cawangan Sarawak

Head of Office

Ahmad Faizan Bin Affandi
Pegawai Belia Dan Sukan

+6082 678 049
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