The Facilities Management Department manages the operation and maintenance of all facilities and plant at the Campus Samarahan 2. The Campus owns and maintains 12 buildings, totaling approximately 814,071 square foot of floor space which is located on 88 hectares of land.


  • Protect the integrity and energy efficiency of existing facilities and assets through preventative maintenance, repair and energy conserving measures
  • Establish new and existing facilities which allow the user to enjoy efficient and effective service environments
  • Ensure facilities meet high standards of service and maintenance quality to avoiding major interruption to University operation
  • New and existing facilities meet or exceed energy and budget efficiency goals established by the University


The Facilities Management Department main function is to provide a service to the staff and students with regard to physical facilities operation, development, maintenance and essential services together with the concessionaire appointed according to the concept of Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

Sub Department

  • Civil, Landscape and Infrastructure
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunication
  • Contract & Project

Contact Us

+6082 678 333 (Office)
+6082 678 262 (Helpdesk)

Head of Office

Muhammad Faizal Shamsulbahri

+6082 678 223
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