Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department (HEP) is one of the important departments in the organizational structure of UiTM Sarawak. It offers various services to students. The importance of Student Affairs Department (HEP) becomes more obvious after the existence of rules and regulations Act 174 or Akta Institusi Pelajaran (Tatatertib) 1976.


HEP also has an important role in helping the University Teknologi MARA produce graduates with high Soft Skills (KI) in meeting the global needs.


This role is played by two core functions (core business), the Student Leadership Development, as well as providing facilities and student services.


Activities and Student Leadership Development are as follows: -

  • Student Development Training Module LPPKP
  • Soft Skills Program (KI)
  • Finishing School Program
  • Kursus Kenegaraan
  • Course Curriculum
  • Students Activities
  • Development of Sports
  • Development of Entrepreneurship
  • Development of Culture and the Arts
  • Personality Development and Student Discipline


The facilities and services provided to students are as follows: -

  • Ease of Placement and College Students
  • Incentive Dining Facility on Student Diploma
  • Services and Health Facilities
  • Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Student Welfare
  • Career Development and Job Placement
  • Guidance and Counseling Services
  • Management and Welfare of NR students
  • Local Counter Service



  • To help UiTM students in matters of welfare, comfort and security and to coordinate financial assistance and scholarships given to them.
  • To create special funds, such as the Student Welfare Fund, Student Emergency Fund and Student Curriculum Fund.
  • To provide accommodation and food to the students who live in colleges.
  • To coordinate student activities and movement within the University and with other educational instituations and external associations to ensure that students fulfill both spiritual and worldly needs and that they are exposed to the reality of the working environment.



  • Coordinating students' relationship with the management of UiTM Sarawak, other Institutions of Higher Learning and other organisations, inside or outside the State.
  • Coordinating activities such as religious, cultural, sports, social and other activities organised by students.
  • Providing meals for residential students.
  • Ensuring harmonious atmosphere in the campus by implementing the Act 174 – Akta (Tatatertib) 1976.
  • In the Division of Student Affairs, there are 6 Units which carrying out some task and their role as follows: -


Sub Units

  • Sport
  • Career & Counseling
  • Kesatria
  • Health
  • College
  • Culture and the Arts



Head of Unit

Mohamad Ismaily Bin Hajani

Pegawai Eksekutif

UiTM Cawangan Sarawak Kampus Mukah

Phone (O): 084-876004

Fax (O): 084-876300