Facilities Management

Department of Facilities Management (Infrastruktur) is responsible in managing asset and facilities of the University. In UiTM Sarawak, Infrastruktur plays an important role to ensure that all the facilities are well managed and controlled so both the teaching and learning can be done/carried out properly.


To ensure the services provided by Infrastruktur are always relevant to the needs of the University, Infrastruktur gives the highest priority on every aspect of customer service improvement. Several projects on customer service improvement have been carried out such as Defects Complaining System, Operation Procedure Manual, and ISO Quality Procedure on Facilities Maintenance and Improvement.



  • Handling maintenance tasks on the physical infrastructure in the campus.
  • Fixing or replacing damaged physical infrastructure.
  • Handling and monitoring development of projects.
  • Managing the administration of the Maintenance Office.



  • Assisting in planning and supervising development projects.
  • Maintaining buildings, facilities and environment of the University.
  • Maintaining electricity and water supplies.
  • Repairing defects of electricity and water installation equipment.
  • Managing spare parts.
  • Maintaining mechanical equipment and fire distinguishers.
  • Maintaining telecomunication devices.
  • Performing defect auditing work on buildings, installation and environment


Sub Unit

  • Civil, Landscape and Infrustructure
  • Contract and Planning
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunication
  • Administration and Customer