Estate Management Unit


The Estate and Landscape Management Unit was established and started operations since 2008 on the existence of a program at UiTMKM namely the Diploma Pengurusan Ladang. This unit is set up to provide agricultural learning and research facilities to lecturers and students of the Diploma Pengurusan Ladang programme which has been started since 2008.

This unit has grown and progressed in tandem with the increasing age of the DPIM Program and this unit which helped to support the lecturers and students of the DPIM program in undergoing practical training, practical and agricultural research.

Hopefully in the future, the Unit will be more robust and can help UiTM produce experienced, knowledgeable and capable graduates as agents of change to the outside community, especially local communities as well as generate income from Sarawak's UiTM through agricultural and farming activities.



  • Produce a professional, independent, knowledgeable DPIM student to develop agriculture to become one of the competitive sectors and to serve as a major contributor to the national economy.
  • Adopting efficient and sustainable farm management to maximize farming yields.
  • To make agriculture a business that can be commercialized and able to provide satisfactory returns to its entrepreneurs.


  • Managing and conducting field training and landscaping of DPIM students during the running semester and shared farms.
  • Manage and conduct practical training in campus on semester breaks for 1st semester DPIM students and other semester students who have not undergone practical training off-campus.
  • Responsible for all activities related to agriculture and landscape.
  • Plan, manage and supervise to open and develop a field at UiTMKM.
  • Managing and maintaining plantations and farming.
  • Supervise student-sharing farm projects.
  • Reproduce and supply the ornamental plants and campus landscapes.
  • Providing pine decorations for official functions at UiTM Kampus Mukah.
  • Provide facilities and equipment for students and lecturers to carry out practical training, practical and agricultural research.

Client Charter
We are committed to pledging to provide quality service by ensuring customers receive friendly, efficient and effective service

Landscape and Nursery
The landscape and nursery division of UiTM Plantation Mukah Campus is one of the main branches besides the plot of farms, livestock, and special agriculture. It serves to support the activities of DPIM students and generally provide decorative flowers for UiTM official Mukah Campus. Among the activities carried out here are, providing flower stem cuttings for planting, flower arranging, maintenance of flowering plants, as well as flower sales. We also supply flowers for indoor flowers.

Farm Production Sales
Since the Farm Unit was set up, we managed to produce farm produce and managed to capitalize on the benefits of UiTM. Among the fruits that can be seen from the farm are fruits, broilers, vegetables, flowers and so on. We will try to double the yield from the field to generate revenue for UiTM Kampus Mukah am it.

Among the services we provide at the Farm Unit are;

  • Decorative flower lending
  • Equipment loan
  • Site loans
  • Sales of farm produce

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at
Office: 084 - 876124/876126
Address: Farm Unit Office, Agropark, UiTM Mukah Campus.


Head Of Unit

Abang Shawn Fendi Bin Keprawi

Penolong Pengurus Ladang