The Bursar’s Office at UiTM Sarawak is set to create a finance department that provides efficient and excellent management.



The mission of the Bursar’s Office at UiTM Sarawak is to provide efficient and effective finance management by upholding integrity and accountability in tandem with the objective and mission of UiTM.


Quality Policy

The aim of quality policy is to implement a professional, effective and efficient financial management system which delivers a consistently high level of service driven by a culture of continuous improvement to ensure that the department be an outstanding department with a focus on shared quality and accountability to fulfill the aspiration and expectation of its stakeholders in accordance with the university’s vision, mission and quality policies.


Quality Objectives

  • To provide transparent financial services with integrity and accountability parallel with the quality objectives and policies of UiTM Bursar’s Office.
  • To ensure all supply orders and services rendered are carried out through strict adherence to the standard practices of the treasury instructions, treasury circular and other standing instructions.
  • To respond to claims by tenderers, staff and students from various sections (faculty, department, and unit) in a timely manner i.e. within 7 days of receipt of a completed document.


Mukah Campus

The Bursar’s Office at Mukah Campus is headed by an assistant accountant and aided by an assistant finance officer.


Major Services

  • University’s budget management.
  • Procurement Division management.
  • Student’s fund management.
  • Staff, students and tenderers pay-roll management.
  • Collection management.
  • Asset and store management.
  • Accounts management.


Head of Unit

Juriah Binti Japar

Penolong Akauntan

UiTM Cawangan Sarawak Kampus Mukah

Phone (O): 084-876022

Fax (O): 084-876300