Academic Affairs

As one of the premier institutes of higher learning in our country, UiTM aims to provide education that produces students with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and work habits that are essential to being productive and fulfilled citizens. As educators, our role is to ensure that this objective is achieved by all possible means.


With the ultimate aim of preparing and producing excellent graduates for our future competitive world, the primary function of HEA is to manage and uphold the quality of the teaching and learning processes through effective administration of all the fundamental aspects of quality, viz quality policy, quality management, quality system, quality control and quality assurance.



  • To handle programmes offered to full-time and part-time Bumiputera students.
  • To provide complete and conducive teaching and learning facilities.



  • Student Intake
  • Student registration and record
  • Examination Management
  • Convocations



  1. Borang Permohonan Pembiayaan Tabung Pembangunan Akademik Pelajar (TAPA) Bahagian HEA (HEA/TAPA/2012/PIND.2)
  2. Fail Meja Pensyarah Semakan 2016 (pdf)



Head of Unit

Pengiran Saifudzin Bin Pengiran Mahtar

Pegawai Eksekutif

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