Diploma in Banking Studies

With the challenges arising from the liberalization and globalization of business today, and realizing the importance of the banking industry as the financial intermediary and primary source of financing for the domestic economy, there is a need to understand the banking system of Malaysia.

The Diploma in Banking Studies offered by the Faculty of Business Management, UiTM started in July 1967, is designed to develop and to train students in the area of banking management and finance.

The 2 ½ year programme covers a wide range of courses including the study of banking management, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management, mathematics and statistics, language and communication, information technology and legal foundations. This wide range of courses provides students with the basis needed in facing challenges in the banking industry. Apart from preparing students to fulfil related job vacancies in banking environment, this programme also prepares students for the Bachelor programme in the field of finance, banking and investment.

Graduates from this programme will fill job vacancies at the supervisory and junior level at any financial institutions such as banks, finance companies and merchant banks.


Syarat Kemasukan

Lulus SPM atau yang diikrtiraf setaraf dengannya oleh Kerajaan Malaysia dengan mendapat LIMA (5) Kepujian termasuk Bahasa Melayu


Lulus Sejarah (Mula diguna pakai SPM 2013)

Memenuhi SYARAT AM UNIVERSITI dengan mendapat Kepujian dalam mata pelajaran:

  • Matematik
  • Matematik Tambahan
  • Bahasa Inggeris


Syarat Khas Lepasan Pra Diploma

Lulus Naik Taraf (LNT) program Pra Diploma Perdagangan (PD002/PD003) dari UiTM CGPA minima 2.50


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