Pre Diploma Science

In the spirit of helping the Bumiputera students to further their studies at a much higher level, the pre-diploma science program was introduced. The Pre-Diploma (Science) program, initially known as Pre-Science (Pra-Sains) started in ITM Sarawak in July 1992 with a pioneer batch of fifty-five student

The program was introduced to help Bumiputera students from the science stream, as well as to enable those who possess the necessary qualifications to further their studies at the tertiary level. The program also aims to prepare and better equip the students before they join the Science and Technology (S & T) based diploma programmes. The program was specifically established to cater for the students who do not qualify to go straight to diploma/matriculation as well as to give a second opportunity to the students to go for their dream ambition.

The duration of the study is one to two semesters. In this program, the students are exposed to basic courses such as Basic Mathematics, Chemistry, Physic, Biology and English Language.

With the introduction of Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa (MDAB) program, Pre-Diploma (Science) has been rebranded and put under MDAB. The program code was then changed to PD007. The students who are offered under MDAB are waived from paying any fees and are given monthly allowance. The selection of students to be put under this program depends on the income of the family. For those students who do not qualify for this program will be put under normal Pre-Diploma Science with the program code of PD008.

Entry Requirement

Pass SPM/SPM (V) or equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government and have obtained three (3) credits including Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics, pass Bahasa Inggeris and pass in any of the science subjects, Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Science.

Opportunities For Further Studies

The students who pass this program can choose to do their diploma in various faculties including Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Health Science, Faculty of Architecture , Planning & Surveying, Faculty of Information Technology & Quantitative Sciences and Faculty of Agrotechnology.

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